a list

10 things I like:
Cute Messages
Being inlove
True Friends
That moment when youre home alone and crank up the music to the max and dance like a maniac

9 things I don't like: 
The societys body images - we're all beautiful in our own ways.
The Cold
That unhealthy food is so good
People that can't accept that they can't always get things their way
Cleaning my room
Negative and whiny people
People who looks down on others because they're not the norm

8 things I want to do in the future:
I want to travel all around the world
Get a tattoo at Miami Ink
Get Married
Get a puppy
Have a cute guy buy me coffee - which is gonna be hard since i dont drink coffe but still I might drink it just because a cute guy bought it for me
Keep my amazing relationship with my parents
Go on a cruise
Meet that one very special person
7 favorites
Ice cream - Frozen yogurt, Chocolate or B&J's
Movie - The Notebook, Moulin Rouge, She's the man, Twilight Saga, Disney movies.. I have tooooo many
Music - Anything
Sport - Basketball
Thing - iphone
City - New York,Stockholm, London & Helsingborg
Food - Salads,Thai and whatever I may wanna cook

6 songs I listen to right now

Boyfriend - justin Bieber ( Not a bieber fan but this song - Yum ear-candy)
Take care - Drake feat Rihanna
Ass Back Home - Gym Class Heros
Wild Ones - Florida ft. Sia
Crush - David Archuleta
Euphoria - Loreen

5 things I'm looking forward to in order
Mom and Dad's arrival and vacation in L.A & Miami
See all my Swedes again
set a date to meet my special one

4 rules I live by
1. No matter how dark everything seems stay posetive
2. Have Courage
3. Dream big
4. Try, fail, try again and succeed. 

3 things I'm scared of

Loosing people I love
Getting hurt emotionally

2 things I'm proud of with myself
I always try to stay positive even when everything feels like shit
Compassion for others

1 favorite word


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Älskling Du är BÄST !

2012-04-21 @ 22:35:12

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